Luxury vinyl in Rock Hill

What’s trending in luxury vinyl flooring?

The bigger question is: Why is vinyl now considered such a luxury? The flooring, as a whole, is trending with more and more people clamoring for it.

First, there’s the style. It gives your home that high-end look without breaking the bank. That’s luxury in itself. The vinyl is an incredible simulation of natural materials: wood or stone flooring, or tile. The “wood” is cut into planks and ranges from dark colors, evoking images of classic traditional styles; gray shades for that rustic farmhouse style; or light tones, so good in modern contemporary, California Beach or cottage styles.

Moreover, you can get texturing features that do away with that flat image, giving them added depth and dimension. Tile-sized pieces are also available. Mix and match them to create your own design, or use them to add some pops of color.

Luxurious, worry-free living

Luxury vinyl is tough and water-resistant, and many completely waterproof varieties are available. The flooring is layered, starting with the underlayment, which provides cushioning. It makes it a little less rigid and more comfortable to stand on for long periods, such as when you’re in the kitchen preparing a big meal.

There’s a traditional core made of vinyl resins, but you can also get a WPC (wood plastic composite), which makes it even thicker and gives it a very high level of waterproofing and moisture-resistance. Then there’s the photographic image which, thanks to high definition photography, is clear and accurate. On top of the flooring is a clear, super-strong wear layer that makes it scratch and stain-resistant.

Here’s what could be the biggest worry-free benefit: Wood is damaged by water and never recommended for high moisture rooms like the bathroom but now you can have that look.

It’s very easy to care for; after all, who wants to spend their time cleaning the floor? Just sweep or vacuum. When you want deeper cleaning, mop with water and a manufacturer-approved detergent.

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