carpet installation

What to think about when buying carpet

There’s nothing like a new floor when it comes to transforming your house! When you select carpet as your new installation, that’ll certainly make that surface the jewel of your home’s crown!

There’s so much from which to choose. Is exciting to shop, but it’s also a little overwhelming, so make sure you think about some of these things when making your choice.

Cyndi’s Carpet is hoping to make it a little easier by reminding you to think of these things:

●What’s your style? Are you traditional, contemporary, or even coastal? Do you like bold, vibrant colors or a subtle palette? Do you want something you can select right then and there, or would you rather have something custom made, so you have a one-of-a-kind design? With such a wide selection, you’ll be able to easily choose what’s right for you.
●What about transitions? Transitioning between rooms is especially important if you have one of those open layouts, where one room seems to spill into another. Of course not every room has to be the same, in fact, it is uncommon for all the rooms to have only one type of flooring, but it does need to have some cohesiveness. If the styles, designs, and colors clash, you’ll just have a mess, with no unified focal point.
●In what room will you be installing this carpet? That has an impact on style; for example, in the bedroom, you might want a high pile where the threads are long and loose. It’s gives a soft, pushy, luxurious look and feel. If it’s in a room that’s used as a home office, or if you have residents who use walkers or wheelchairs, you’ll be moving furniture and rolling around on chairs, so a low pile with short, tight fiber, may be best for this kind of installation.
●Do you have pets? If so, you’ll probably want a carpet that’s ultra-strong and stain-proof. That might also be a consideration if you have kids, or are just prone to spills.
●Remember, thicker doesn’t necessarily mean better! The best gauge of quality is density, which means how close the fibers are stitched together. A rug can be thick, but if the density is poor, it won’t last as long as you’d like, probably.

For inspiration, come into the Cyndi’s Carpet showroom in Rock Hill, SC.