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Local Flooring Store or Big Box?

If you’re new to the flooring scene, you might fall for those Big Box gimmicks like two-for-ones. However, before you look in the yellow pages for “flooring store near me”, remember your ultimate goal is reached by far more than just the initial purchase: You also need design knowledge, quality installation, upkeep information, etc.

Cyndi’s Carpet of Rock Hill, S.C. is here to state the facts.

Myth #1: Big Boxes have large inventories. Actually, it’s less, because they’ll only focus on those they know will bring them profit. It’s not the place to go if you want something different or special. If it’s not in the local store, they’ll order it for you.

Myth #2: Big Boxes carry more affordable flooring than a local store. The bottom-line is this: There’s absolutely no difference in pricing, because:

The goal of the Big Box is to get you into the facility, not give you the sale price. It might look enticing in the paper, but read the fine print for restrictions and exclusions.

Pricing factors in overhead. That includes advertising costs and Big Boxes do advertise heavily.
Vendors have much more control in the pricing process at Big Box stores. They set the prices, and any deviation is frowned upon. so the merchandise will sell; the stores can’t just lower a price if something doesn’t sell.

Local stores, not Big Boxes, have more ability to work with vendors, especially during promotional events.

Myth #3: Big Boxes have more customer service,

As the saying goes, “it’s not quantity, but quality.” Big Boxes are popular after-school places in which to work, The kid won’t be able to answer your flooring questions, but they’ll see it as a store around their school or near home, in other words, close to me.

At a place like Cyndi’s, we only hire professionals who can answer those questions.
Installation at Your Local Flooring Store
You’ll get a better quality installation service. Each flooring type is different and requires special skills and tools. Your local flooring retailer will be sure the proper education is always kept up to date.

To see the difference in quality and service, come into the Cyndi’s Carpet showroom in Rock Hill, S.C.