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Five ways to keep your carpet installation looking brand new

You recently installed carpet and you love the warmth and elegance it gives your home. Lately, though, it’s been looking a little dull and it just doesn’t have that plush “spring” it used to. It also looks a little dull.
Like anything, the better you take care of it, the longer it will last. And here’s the good news: This kind of installation is really easy to take care of.
Cyndi’s offers some tips on keeping your carpet looking great, whether the installation is six months or ten years old. We’ve been in existence for almost 20 years. The tag line on our website reads: “Not your ordinary carpet store” and we also have a fully-stocked inventory of hardwood, tile, luxury vinyl, laminate and waterproof (WPC) flooring.
We provide services such as rug re-stretching and binding, furniture removal, etc,.not to mention our customer service is unsurpassed by anyone. You’ll never be left with an unanswered question or concern.
Here’s how to keep your rug in tip-top shape:
1.First, understand quality, and buy the best you can afford. Weight does not translate to quality, its density, how closely the fibers are woven together, that counts. A simple test is to bend the sample backwards. If you see a lot of blank space on the card, that means the density is low.
2.Vacuum several times a week. Some people sprinkle a little baking soda on the rug before they vacuum, but it can sometimes be hard to get up. Make sure you remove beater bars if you have them, because they can damage the rug.
Keep your vacuum in good working order, too, so it can do its job properly by replacing air filters or emptying bags.
3.Professionally clean the rug regularly. Vacuuming picks up surface, dirt but doesn’t have the kind of power needed for deep cleaning. Pollutants and other undesirable substances (such as insect fragments) get trapped into the fibers and stay there until scrubbed out.
By the way, most manufacturers have a clause stating that the carpet needs to be deep cleaned regularly.
4.Wipe spills immediately. Don’t allow a stain to set.
5.Place area rugs or mats at entrances so people can wipe their feet or take off their shoes before entering.
To learn more, feel free to visit the Cyndi’s Carpet showroom in Rock Hill, S.C.