Flooring installation from Cyndi's Carpet in Rock Hill, SC

Why you need a professional installation

While we all want to save money, there are just some things on which one shouldn't skimp.  That includes professional installation.  It affects both the appearance and longevity of the flooring.

Some even go so far as to say it's more important than the product itself.

When you walk into a flooring store, it’s a lot more than just buying a product. You need tips and suggestions for maintaining the floors and, most especially, you need to know what service to expect with the flooring, specifically installation.

Protecting your investment

Flooring is probably the biggest one you'll ever make in the home and while there are some, such as laminate and vinyl, that have DIY-friendly installations, others, such as carpet, hardwood, and tile are more complicated and require a professional touch and involve special skills and tools.

Manufacturers often have specific installation guidelines in their flooring warranties.  When not followed, the protection is voided. Ask your retailer about these clauses.

Why is my carpet loose and wrinkled?

It means your carpet needs re-stretching, and it's often a problem in the installation. Two tools are especially important here:  the power stretcher and knee-kicker.  While they both stretch the carpet, each is important in certain areas.

Other common carpet installation problems include bubbling, which means the carpet wasn't stretched properly and buckling when the wrong padding is used. Raveling means the rug wasn't seamed. It should be noted that some things, like shedding, are perfectly normal with new carpets, up to three months.

Why does my hardwood have gaps?

Wood floors shrink and expand to adjust to the weather.  When acclimated and installed properly, they'll just stay tightly together when it’s humid. When you have gaps, it means it most likely wasn’t acclimated.

Other problems include debris in the finish and cupping and crowning.

Why are my new tiles cracked?

Tile is difficult to cut and requires special saws.  Done properly and they’ll break.

Other problems include loose tiles, placing the underlayment incorrectly, and using the wrong grout.

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