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Three signs you’ve found a quality flooring store

How do you know you’ve found a quality, top-rated dealer? Well, aside from searching for ‘best flooring store near me’ online and reading through reviews, there are three clear signs you’re dealing with true professionals. The thing is, online reviews aren’t always reliable. While some of the comments may be true, others may be misleading, or simply false. But, don’t worry, our Cyndi’s Carpet showroom experts in Rock Hills, SC, have come up with the following helpful guide to point you in the right direction.

1 – They’ve been around for a while
One obvious sign you’re dealing with a legitimate flooring store pertains to how well-established they are. If they’ve been around for several decades, or at the very least a few years, then clearly, they’re not a fly-by-night set-up. As exciting as it may seem to walk into a new warehouse to peruse their latest selection, you’re certainly better off sticking to a company that has been in the community for a while. In doing so, you’re assured they won’t mysteriously disappear overnight with your money, materials, or warranty.

2 – There’s no ‘wheel ‘in and deal ‘in’
Another glaring sign is the manner in which they conduct business. If you’re getting a strong wheel ‘in and deal ‘in vibe, it’s best not to purchase surfacing from such an establishment. As with any other quality showroom, there should be a sense of professionalism, as well as in-depth knowledge of their products. Surfacing is a significant and often costly investment. Do you really want to haggle for a rock-bottom price, only to find out you’ve bought sub-par materials?

3 – Product has an issue? Not a problem!
At professional flooring stores, they promise to uphold the guarantee associated with your surfacing. Should there be a problem at all with your chosen material, you shouldn’t have an issue getting the problem fixed. Whether it’s an installation matter, incorrect coloring, or damaged materials, an expert showroom will work to solve your situation. In the end, they want a happy customer. So, essentially, your problem isn’t a problem, it’s a perfect opportunity to gain trust and a positive review from a client.