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Afraid to Get Carpet Because You Have Kids or Pets?

The Spring remodeling season is upon us, and a lot of people are out looking for new floors. Many of the people we have been talking to have pets and children at home, and tell us that they have completely written off the idea of carpet because of them. Well, we're here to tell you the same thing we tell them: There is a solution!
If you are looking for floors this Spring, and you find yourself instinctively shying away from a new carpet installation because you're worried about what your kids or pets will do to it, you probably haven't heard of SmartStrand™ carpeting. Here's what you need to know.
SmartStrand™ is the Softest Material Out There
One of the great things about carpeting, is that it is comfortable enough to lay on. Many of us have fond memories of lying on the carpeted floors of our homes doing homework, reading a book, or watching TV. Wouldn't it be nice if our children could have those same fond memories when they grow up?
If you're looking for a soft-surface floor that's recognized as the softest available by the flooring industry at large, SmartStrand is the way to go!
SmartStrand is Unbelievably Durable (Seriously)
There are few carpets that have been put through the wringer to prove their durability as thoroughly as SmartStrand has. Mohawk once installed it in a rhino enclosure at the Birmingham Zoo, and left it there for two straight weeks.
At the end of the two weeks, they gave the carpet a standard cleaning, using no extraordinary means, and the SmartStrand came out looking literally as good as new. No signs of staining, no signs of crushed fiber. Something tells us your kids won't be able to dish out that kind of punishment!
Have We Changed Your Mind?
If this little article has got you thinking about soft-surface flooring again, and you would like to know more, Cyndi's Carpet would love to help! We offer a wide selection of kid and pet friendly carpeting in all of the most popular cuts and styles. Contact our showroom in Rock Hill, SC, to make arrangements for your free, no-obligation flooring consultation and estimate.